Used cars

Procedure for vehicle pick up

  1. Bring the vehicle to our assembly point.
  2. A receipt for the destruction of the vehicle (valid throughout the EU) is issued at the reception office.
  3. With the certificate of destruction of the vehicle deregister the vehicle at the nearest registration unit (the only valid document that permanently delists the vehicle in accordance with the law and guarantees the decommissioning of the vehicle).
  4. With a second copy of the Vehicle Destruction Certificate, submit an application to DARS for a replacement vignette/toll sticker (if it is still valid).
  5. If the vehicle is still registered, you may submit a claim for the recovery of an unused part of the road and motor vehicle insurance tax by submitting the vehicle destruction certificate.
  6. The vehicle shall be further degraded accordingly.

Documents needed for the vehicle pickup

  • registration certificate of the vehicle,
  • owner's personal document,
  • the authorization of the owner of the vehicle, if he is not personally present.