Purchase of damaged vehicles

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We purchase all damaged or wrecked vehicles that still have an economic value.

These vehicles are professionally appraised by our experts and a purchase price is agreed upon.

Purchase process

  • Vehicle appraisal
  • The vehicle is brought to our assembly centre
  • A sale/purchase contract is concluded between the vehicle owner and JUNG Ltd
  • a Certificate of destruction is issued (valid in all EU Member states)
  • a Certificate of destruction is then taken to the registration office to deregister a motor vehicle (it is the only valid document that can permanently deregister a vehicle in accordance with the legislation and guarantees the dismantling of the vehicle)
  • the second copy of the Certificate of destruction is taken to DARS, a Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia, and used to submit a claim for a substitute vignette (if the current vignette is still valid)
  • if the vehicle is still registered, you can use the Certificate of destruction to submit a claim for the reimbursement of the unused road user charges for motor vehicles and motor vehicle insurance
  • after the procedure is concluded, the purchase price for the vehicle is paid
  • the vehicle is then appropriately and ecologically decomposed

Documents needed for the collection of the vehicle:

  • vehicle registration card
  • owner's personal identity document
  • owner's current account number

It is desirable that the owner hands over the spare key of the vehicle and the possible service book.


Vehicle purchase
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